Going to the Philippines 2012-2013!

Quezon City, Philippines

I won a Fulbright grant yesterday to study and research in the Philippines!  I will be based at University of the Philippines Diliman in Quezon City.  My project will focus on national consciousness formation and expression through social media.  I’m so excited to finally start some investigation on those burning questions that keep me up at night!

I’m more excited, though, to visit my mother’s family’s country.  Studying Tagalog for the past 9 months has brought me a bit closer to my roots, but there’s nothing like digging down right to the source.  Most of my Filipino family has been back to the Philippines at least once.  I will be the first of my other half-blooded siblings and cousins to visit their distant ancestral land.  It will be an experience, for sure.

I proposed to arrive in November, and I have much preparing to do before then.  Despite the 2 month detour to Guatemala I am starting next week, the timing couldn’t have been better!


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